Benefits of bitter Foods

The advantages of bitter substances in our diet What are bitter substances? Bitter substances are all chemical compounds that are activated by T2R (G-protein coupled receptor) have a bitter taste. Sie können sowohl aus der Natur kommen als auch synthetisch hergestellt werden. Bitter substances are not a chemically uniform group, but are only distinguished by … Continue reading Benefits of bitter Foods

High Impact Fitness after Midwife led Training

In Germany, many women are lucky enough to be able to participate in a midwife led recovery program after giving birth. A postnatal course led by midwives to help slowly reactivate and rehabilitate the core. Often this goes between 8 and 10 weeks – but what comes next? Are you ready to go all in … Continue reading High Impact Fitness after Midwife led Training

Small steps are important

A lot of times when I set goals with my clients, they have great plans/wishes and little patience 🙂 (don’t we all??) But why? I’ve talked before about goal setting and that it is the key to success. Goals need to be S – specific, M – measurable, A – attainable, R – relevant and … Continue reading Small steps are important

Motivation – Where do we find it?

Motivation is a big word – and important to have for a lot of things, not just for a healthy lifestyle. But what does it even mean? According to the dictionary MOTIVATION is a) a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way or b) desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm. … Continue reading Motivation – Where do we find it?