Postnatal Massage

Why do I need massage after delivery?

The time after you have given birth, is a very challenging time. All the changes, the lack of sleep and the constant carrying of the newborn can cause tension and pain. Or if you had a ceaserean birth, you might experience issues with your scar. I can help with this. I will look at your whole body and your soft tissue, to find out what's happening and we will work with a holistic concept.

Why book a massage at DORI?

I trained in Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage and remedial Therapy with Burrell Education (England), where I learned to work throughly holistic. There is so much we can do, to help in this difficult time.

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So if you are postnatal, and you would like me to help you to reduce pain and tension, then book an appointment with me now. I am looking forward to pamper you - DORI


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