Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

I offer Personal Training with an holistic approach for Women.
For me it is very important to set realistic goals and to start with setting the basics first.

Often I meet women, who try to become more toned or to lose weight who jump straight into an high intensity workout. This can work, but often it doesn't lead to the results hoped for.
When you work with me, we will start where you are and progress slowly from there. Together with nutrition and lifestyle advice, we will reach your goals.

Read more about, what you need to take into account when working out after having a baby.

Online Group Training and Online Live Training

Beside the Personal Training in my studio, I am also offering Online live Training. All you need for this is an internet connection and Skype or Facetime and the training can start. Appointments can be booked through my online booking system.

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I have a license for pre- and postnatal training, as well as a Kettlebell instructor. All appointment take place in my home studio or in a local park.

I am looking forward to meeting you.