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Why do I offer massages?

For many years I only offered fitness training, but the more I specialized in Women’s health, the more I realized that something was missing. With getting a degree in Sportmassage I would the missing piece. For me it is very clear, that the combination of Relaxation and Strengthening brings better and longer lasting results.
Furthermore it’s so important, in a world that just becomes faster, to allow yourself some resting and recharging time.

My Massage Offers for Women

Sport Massage

Sport Massage is not just suitable for athletes, but it is a deep (not medically prescriped) Massage which is good to reduce tension. I work with different techniques to help you get the best results.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Especially during pregnancy and the first few months after having a baby, the female body goes through so much change, in a really short time, so a massage can be very helpful to support the body. We can work in sidelying, and still work on the spots that really need some attention.

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