Happy Clients

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What do my clients say?

Finally I received an effective massage, which really helped my issues.
In my hip area, I always had the feeling of something ‘snapping’ when I wanted to get up from lying down. So far no doctor, chiropractor or osteopath could help me. Dori recognized the problem immediately. Already after one treatment I felt a difference.
Thank you very much – Malu

I had an hour Sportmassage with Dori and it was fantastic. I had issues with certain areas and she spent more times there an used different techniques. She took time to find the reasons for my problems. I loved her heated massage bed, especially since I had massages before where I got cold, but her bed was warm and it was really relaxing. I will definitely book with Dori again, she really has a passion to help you. – Natalie

I have seen Dori and she helped me with Pelvic and Back pain. She really made a big difference in how I felt and my pain was significantly reduced. She is very professional and open. – Jemma

I have had many sports massages during the years and I moved to a new area, where it was really difficult to find a good massage therapist. Luckily I found Dori, she is fantastic. She gave me a deep massage, after she took the time to really analyze my problems. I felt really good afterwards and can recommend her services. – Alicia

When you are looking for a high quality massage, Dori is worth every penny. She is highly qualified and listens to your special needs. She has a lot of skills and knowledge, to adapt every massage to each client individually. She is friendly and professional and calms you down immediately. – Jenny

My friend recommended Dori, and I went to her in expectation of a nice massage. In one sentence: She exceeded my expectations.

After a friendly greeting, she explained the treatment to me in a nice atmosphere. She knew exactly where my tension was and treated them very professionally, also the massage bed was warm and nice music was playing in the background. Besides a nice (postnatal) massage, she gave me good advice and we had a nice chat. Additionally she explained how I could work further on healing my diastasis recti (belly gap).

My impression is, that for Dori it’s more a calling than a profession. For her it’s really about helping the mums, so they will be happier with their bodies and to also just get a time out to recharge.

If someone is looking for a gift idea for a mum, a massage with Dori will definitely be a hit. She knows what she is doing and is also very good at it.
Thank you very much! – Geraldine

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