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DORI -  Sports & Health
DORI - Sports & Health
Laparoscopic operations


The description "minimally invasive" is quite misleading and refers at most to the size of the skin incision. Nevertheless, an abdominal operation is a procedure that also requires good aftercare and rehabilitation of the core.


The small cut through the Linea Alba, has a much greater impact on the functionality of the core than perhaps expected. Nevertheless, after a minimally invasive knee operation, there is always some constructive training, but not after abdominal surgery.


In 2017 I had an appendectomy. The consequences were a larger and more unstable rectus diastasis than after any of my pregnancies. Even after 6 weeks I still had problems pushing the shopping cart, walking, doing sports or lifting children. It took several months and really targeted training to get my rectus diastasis stable and functional again.


If you have had laparoscopic abdominal surgery and your core has not been as stable as before, please contact me. We will put together a training program that will help you strengthen your core.

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DORI -  Sports & Health
DORI - Sports & Health
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😣 Painful Postnatal Sex 😔

Did you know that 62% of women at 3 months post baby complain of painful sex and at 6 months postnatal 31% of women are still experiencing postnatal sex and will often avoid it because it is so uncomfortable!
Pain during sex is common but not normal. Here are a few facts and tips that I hope will help:

1. The first few times you have sex (regardless of delivery) it will be uncomfortable. However this pain shouldn’t be persist at or excessive and with each attempt should lessen.
2. Sex can be uncomfortable if you are breastfeeding. When breastfeeding you produce less estrogen which can cause the vaginal walls to become temporarily dry and delicate. A glycerin free lubricant like @yes_organics can really help. Placing this around your vaginal opening when having intercourse can reduce discomfort and pain
3. Vaginal scars can be tender and make sex uncomfortable. Scar massage can help desensitise and loosen up any scar tightness, reducing discomfort
4. Your pelvic floor may be tight. After giving birth, stress, anxiety, birth trauma, fear of leakage, weakness, previous history of painful sex can cause the pelvic floor to tighten protectively. Stretches like the happy baby pose, and the use of dilators can really help alongside breathing work that allows you to relax and let go of your pelvic floor

Sex should be pleasurable & is an important part of most relationships. If you have pain during sex don’t just put up with it.
There is level 1 evidence that pelvic health Physiotherapy can help improve pain during sex (dyspareunia) so as always ask your GP for a referral to a pelvic health physiotherapist.... I hope this helps anyone suffering, help is there so please reach out and seek the help you deserve 💓💓 💓#postnatalrecovery #whydidnoonetellme #sex #postnatal #pelvicfloor #physiomum #postnatalsex #advertising
DORI -  Sports & Health
DORI - Sports & Health
Anxiety can have a huge impact on how you are breathing and therefore also how your pelvic floor and belly muscles are working together. If you have been dealing with anxiety and would like to know ways how to cope with it, sign up to my newsletter ( or join my free Facebook group ( ) to find out. #newsletter #werbung #anxiety #holistichealth #itsallconnected #breath #yournotalone #coronatime #motherhood
DORI -  Sports & Health
DORI - Sports & Health
Lift your toes up, spread them out and put them on the floor.
Press the tip of your big toes down into the ground. Try to push your toes down and at the same time make an inner connection with your big toe. As you push your toes down, your little toes should also connect to the floor. Hold it for 5 seconds and then repeat it again.
Now try to connect your feet to the diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor activation. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and try to keep your chest parallel above your pelvis. Place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach.
Start by inhaling through your nose for 5 seconds - you will feel your chest expand and the pelvic floor muscles relax and sink down.
As you exhale through the mouth, make a long "shhhh" sound and feel the tension of your pelvic floor. At the same time as you exhale, start pressing your big toes into the floor so that you can feel the connection between your feet and your core.
Relax, inhale and repeat 5 times or until you have mastered it. During each repetition you should feel how your breath, your deep core and your feet are connected.
Once you have mastered the above steps, begin to use the foot to core connection in all your exercises. For example, when you do a lunge or stand up from a sitting position. Remember that as you exhale, the pelvic floor rises and your big toes press down into the floor.
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