Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing

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When do I need Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing?

If you have had a baby no matter how long it has been and you have a rectal diastasis or feel separated from your core and/or pelvic floor, then HCR Diastasis is the program you have been waiting for.

What is the Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis Healing Program?

An individual program, that's build on a practical assessment, a soft tissue therapy and with a clear focus on healing nutrition, clear structured advice on lifestyle habits and most of all a functional and modern movement and exercise program, that will help you , to heal your diastasis, to improve your core function and to get a better locking belly and more functional pelvic floor, who will do his job again.

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  • Most women have never been told, why this happens and what the mechanical side of a diastasis Recti is and why traditional belly exercises, that you might have done prior to your pregnancy, don't work anymore in your healing phase.
  • Most women are never told, the important role nutrition and hydrations plays in healing your diastasis recti.
  • Most women haven't been told about the connection between belly muscles, pelvic floor, diastasis recti and their breathing!
  • Most women never had a bespoke exercise program, that will lead them back to full restoration.
  • Most women haven't been given a program that provides them with the tools to protect their healing core (belly and pelvic floor), while they have to tackle Life and motherhood.

Why does it work?

  • This program focuses on helping the client to understand what's happened. The why and how is important.
  • All Coaches will support each women doing this program with practical advice. Dori is also able to offer Massage and other soft tissue therapy - there is no generic prescription here - each program is based on a 1:1 consultation, followed by a prescription with the best program for that customer
  • The program begins by improving the basics of posture and alignment, including soft tissue work/massage to balance the entire body.
  • It is a 3-phase program in which the exercises are progressive. Your coach will accompany you all the way to ensure that you progress towards your goal and that your path to success is adjusted as needed.
  • Each phase lasts about 1 month, sometimes less, sometimes a little more. But you will be coached in self-care strategies for lifelong core and pelvic health.
  • You will receive all the necessary exercise materials and a 28-page educational brochure to help you truly understand the process and facts of Diastasis recti.
  • The program has a strong focus on nutrition! 100% . We heal from the inside to the outside. I am offering easy but highly effective strategies that will help you, to get the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need to support your Diastasis Recti healing.
  • We use the 'I can do this!' strategy to help you rest and relax better . The higher cortisol levels during the postnatal period, delay the healing process and cause you to store fat around your midline. This program helps you, to help yourself, not just to get a better looking belly but also one that's functional and supports your Pelvis, Core and general health.

Getting Started

The healing of the diastasis Recti is a holistic approach, it's not just about movement, it's not just about the belly of a women and it's not just about the gap!

A thorough assessment is necessary to start this program, which focuses on the healing nutrition, the breathing strategies and the postural alignment of the client. All of those need to be taken into consideration, before we move and load the body.

Our program was tested by hundreds of women and has gotten amazing feedback. Improve your belly, reduce back pain, get a better connection with your pelvic floor and core, so that you will feel and function better. This program last about three months.

You first appointment will be 90min long, and I will assess your postural alignment and the activities of your muscles. You will also receive a massage and we will talk about breathing strategies.

The 2nd appointment (60min) will be one week later, where we will start with the exercise prescription. And we will talk about lifestyle habits, which are important to close your gap.

Both the 3rd and 4th appointment will be 4 weeks after your last. You will receive a bespoke home-care program.

For the duration of the course, you can book additional discounted massage treatments.

Fees and Offerings:

Price: €285


Training Kit Includes:
4 x 1:2:1 Sessions (1st- 90min, 2-4 60 min)
homework programming