About Me

I am Dori


I love offering
bespoke services truly based on your personal needs.
I'll provide you a safe space where you won't feel judged.


I am truly passionate about my job and I continue educating myself in order to offer you the best possible service.


All my offerings are accounting for you, as a whole person. Therefore we won't just be looking at your symptoms, but trying to treat the underlying source.

About me

Dori Randazzo


  • 12 years of personal training experience
  • Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management
  • Three wonderful children
  • 5 years of experience specializing in pre- and postnatal women
  • Sportsmassage therapist since 2018

My name is Dori and I have been working as a personal trainer for over 12 years.
I was not always very athletic in my youth, but I always wanted to work in healthcare. After graduation and a bachelor's degree in healthcare management, I worked in exercise therapy for three years, which also got me into working out myself.

I have three children and after my last child I wanted to work with women and help them feel better about themselves. Going through pregnancies I often got frustrated that it seems like women are often not taken serious, when voicing concerns. Also we don’t get all the information we should get. To change that I keep educating myself, so I can pass on as much information to my lovely clients as possible.