Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation

What is Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)?

Diastasis recti, or rectus abdominis diastasis, is a gap of about 2.7 cm or greater between the two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle. Specifically, the tissue between the left and right rictus abdominis stretches, creating this distance. Diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscle occurs in every pregnant women; however, it may also occur in any adult woman or man.

“In pregnant or postpartum women, the growing uterus stretches the rectus abdominis, causing the diastasis. More severe diastasis or prolonged healing is more common in women who have had multiple pregnancies. When the defect occurs during pregnancy, the uterus can sometimes bulge through the abdominal wall beneath the skin. Non-pregnant women are more susceptible to develop diastasis recti when over the age of 35 or with high birth weight of child, multiple birth pregnancy, or multiple pregnancies. An additional cause, can be excessive abdominal exercises after the first trimester of pregnancy.” (www.wikipedia.com)

How Does the Programme Work?

This is an individual designed course, building on where you are at.
The first appointment will be 60min long and we will be looking at your posture, your breathing technique as well as starting off with a massage. Getting your body ready to re-learn how to engage muscles, that have been asleep for a while.
This will be followed up by 6 appointments a 30min, where you will learn to engage your pelvic floor and core. Those appointments will be weekly at the beginning and spread out further while we go along. The whole programme last for about 12 weeks.

Every body is different, and so is the time it will take for you to get your acquired results. If you need more time for your healing, there is always the option to book further Personal Training appointments after the initial course has finished.

Price: €285


Resistance Band
Pilates Ball
Taping (if needed)
Support during the 12 weeks

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