Diastasis Recti

What is a Diastasis Recti? A Diastasis Recti is a gap between the two bellies of the rectus abdominis (Six pack muscles) of 2,7cm or more. The connective tissue in between the muscle tissue is stretched out and cannot withhold pressure from the inside of the core. This can lead to hernias, instability of your … Continue reading Diastasis Recti

Returning to fitness after a pregnancy

Returning to fitness after having a baby, can feel sometimes challenging. Maybe you are not sure what’s good and what’s not, or the exercises you did before don’t feel right now after giving birth. Maybe also you feel like injuries you acquired during labour are interfering with how your body feels. And I am here … Continue reading Returning to fitness after a pregnancy

High Impact Fitness after Midwife led Training

In Germany, many women are lucky enough to be able to participate in a midwife led recovery program after giving birth. A postnatal course led by midwives to help slowly reactivate and rehabilitate the core. Often this goes between 8 and 10 weeks – but what comes next? Are you ready to go all in … Continue reading High Impact Fitness after Midwife led Training

Where does a stomach bulge come from?

When it comes to postpartum sports, there are now various tips and hints everywhere. When you ask if you are ready to do more, there is no standard answer. BUT you have to individually look at how the body of each woman behaves. During pregnancy, all the muscles of the core (middle of the body) are … Continue reading Where does a stomach bulge come from?

To the mum without her baby

  A couple of years ago, when I was in an early stage of pregnancy with our 3rd child,  we were due to have an ultrasound  appointment  where we were told we had lost the baby. It came as complete shock to us. But more shocking was that there is not much care after that. … Continue reading To the mum without her baby

Mummy Posture Matters

Last winter I was busy doing my Sports Massage qualifications. One thing I became even more aware of during the training, is that everything in our bodies is connected. There is not one area we can look at isolated… at least when it comes to muscles, movements, and posture. At Buggyfit, the first thing I … Continue reading Mummy Posture Matters

When New Mums Return to Exercise

Are you a new mum or not so new mum and are thinking about returning to exercising? After working with postnatal ladies for the last 2.5 years, I know there isn’t much advice given in prenatal classes about the best and safest way to work out after pregnacy. Often even the GPs don’t say too … Continue reading When New Mums Return to Exercise

Holistic Core Restore® and first results

  Right before my summer break, my first small group finished their Every Woman course. Which is a 6week programme that focuses on integrating pelvic floor exercises into every day life movements. Clients also learn how to balance their hormones better with nutritious food and life style changes. Did you know that having enough rest, … Continue reading Holistic Core Restore® and first results

Belly Gap (Diastasis recti)

Very common for women after having a baby is that they are left with a diastasis recti. This is a weakened and dysfunctional belly wall, which often goes along with stress incontinence, low back pain and the mummy tummy/doming of the muscles. Often mums get told to avoid certain exercises, but it is also important … Continue reading Belly Gap (Diastasis recti)