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Benefits of bitter Foods

The advantages of bitter substances in our diet What are bitter substances? Bitter substances are all chemical compounds that are activated by T2R (G-protein coupled receptor) have a bitter taste. Sie können sowohl aus der Natur kommen als auch synthetisch hergestellt werden. Bitter substances are not a chemically uniform group, but are only distinguished by … Continue reading Benefits of bitter Foods

How to cope with anxiety

While I am not a psychologist, I have been struggling with anxiety ever since becoming a mum, 9,5 years ago. Also through my work as a women’s health coach I have worked with loads of women going through the same. I want you to know: You are NOT alone. So many mums face the same. … Continue reading How to cope with anxiety

Advice for new mums

Proud to be supporting new mums at this time and we are offering a 60 MINS ONLINE APPOINTMENT for your Post natal check to include:• Debrief of your pregnancy and birth• Detailed pelvic health screening form review• Review of pelvic floor and core muscles activation• Practical advice on post natal nutrition • Advice on the best … Continue reading Advice for new mums

High Impact Fitness after Midwife led Training

In Germany, many women are lucky enough to be able to participate in a midwife led recovery program after giving birth. A postnatal course led by midwives to help slowly reactivate and rehabilitate the core. Often this goes between 8 and 10 weeks – but what comes next? Are you ready to go all in … Continue reading High Impact Fitness after Midwife led Training

Instant World does not equal Instant Results

Hey there, when was the last time you ordered something online? Were you annoyed when it didn’t arrive the next day? Or when was the last time you tried to open a website and it didn’t load instantly? When was the last time you sent an email and waited for an instant response? And maybe … Continue reading Instant World does not equal Instant Results

Small steps are important

A lot of times when I set goals with my clients, they have great plans/wishes and little patience 🙂 (don’t we all??) But why? I’ve talked before about goal setting and that it is the key to success. Goals need to be S – specific, M – measurable, A – attainable, R – relevant and … Continue reading Small steps are important

Where does a stomach bulge come from?

When it comes to postpartum sports, there are now various tips and hints everywhere. When you ask if you are ready to do more, there is no standard answer. BUT you have to individually look at how the body of each woman behaves. During pregnancy, all the muscles of the core (middle of the body) are … Continue reading Where does a stomach bulge come from?

To the mum without her baby

  A couple of years ago, when I was in an early stage of pregnancy with our 3rd child,  we were due to have an ultrasound  appointment  where we were told we had lost the baby. It came as complete shock to us. But more shocking was that there is not much care after that. … Continue reading To the mum without her baby

Motivation – Where do we find it?

Motivation is a big word – and important to have for a lot of things, not just for a healthy lifestyle. But what does it even mean? According to the dictionary MOTIVATION is a) a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way or b) desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm. … Continue reading Motivation – Where do we find it?

Mummy Posture Matters

Last winter I was busy doing my Sports Massage qualifications. One thing I became even more aware of during the training, is that everything in our bodies is connected. There is not one area we can look at isolated… at least when it comes to muscles, movements, and posture. At Buggyfit, the first thing I … Continue reading Mummy Posture Matters